Intrusions -

(2011) - C Type Prints, Dimensions Variable.

We surround ourselves with a system of objects which allow us to project our own aspirations and identities. They perform a multitude of tasks for us, and offer insights into memory, affections, obsessions and our everyday interactions. The spaces in which we display these symbols are constantly evolving personal museums, places where we live and project how we wish to be seen by others and by ourselves.

The works followed simple rules which resulted in improvisational installations, the rules were as follows:

*Approach Host / Determine space

*Host vacates space willingly for up to 24 hours.

*Space and objects recorded as found.

*Installation / Sculpture: created – documented – disassembled.

*Objects placed back in original places.

Intrusions - K & J - 2011
Intrusions - G & J - 2011
Intrusions - C & Y - 2011
Intrusions - B & K - 2011
Intrusions - S & A - 2011