Real-Time Is Getting Realer All The Time -

Real- Time is getting realer all the time is a scripted performace written by Nicholas Mortimer and Kevin Rittberger.

* * * 

We arrive in Mainframe Radio, where Stafford Beer has gathered some friends from the past to help deliver a lecture to his listeners. He hopes that the discussion on past socialist Utopias will besoul and educate the population of Mainframe City, a population of statistics that reside within an early computer system.

* * * 

The script was developed using characters and settings from La Libertad y La Maquina, and content from texts previously written by Kevin Rittberger. This provoked the creation of a scenario and original dialogue formed around a radio talk show that delivered a lecture on socialist utopias. Working with students from Zurich Performing arts University, a performance was developed which incorporarted references ranging from Samuel Beckett and Stephane Degoutin & Gwenola Wagon. 

A sculptural musical intrument, known as an ICO-Bass is the focus of the performance. A combination of bowed, plucked and synthesized sounds are produced by the performers with Stafford Beer manipulating the sounds via a system of units on the floor.

An animation forms a backdrop to the reading of the script, with a musical performance / choreography taking place around the cast memebers. Performed twice in London in May 2016 as part of Zurich Meets London a project initiated by Caberet Voltaire & ZHK Zurich.


Performers at Zurich Meets London Events - May 2016:

Laura Lo Zito // Kathrin Doppler // Nicholas Mortimer // Adrian Notz // Kevin Rittberger // Anna Wohlgemuth // Laura Knüsel // Katharina Germo


Performance at the Hoxton Arches London [May 2016]
Documentation of Performance at Hoxton Arches- May 2016 - Via Kevin Rittberger
Mainframe Radio - Animation Backdrop Still
Mainframe Radio - Animation Backdrop Still