Work's in need of work today [Op's Ruin Scenario] -


The Ops' Ruin is a temple site based around the Operations Room from Project Cybersyn - a  setting that enables the future to become the past where the optimism of the Cybersyn project is considered to have been celebrated in a future quasi religious strucure.


"Works' in need of work today" was developed to test out this new location and performed as part of the event : Come on, Craig, get up / … It doesn't move at all, it's frozen in space  held at CRATE margate in April 2017.

Three characters meet in the Op's Ruin and discuss the shifting meaning of 'work' whilst trying to fix a cybernetic black box. The script was recorded and played back with sound effects, through speakers facing a scale model of the Ops' Ruin - repeating every hour. Three printed scripts were available to read.

A script can be found in the link below.

The Ops' Ruin is a fictional setting for ongoing scripts and scenarios to develop. The Ops Ruin is a homage to  the past computerised network developed by Stafford Beer,  and the myth of celestial computers. The site is designed to be inhabited by existing characters already developed and a testing ground for new possible roles.



Detail of scale model for Ops' Ruin Installation