What Were You Expecting? -

A Radio and podcast  production created for VVFA and London Design Festival 2018, derived from the cyberfolk t'werk system. The program aired live from Sugarhouse studios and subsequently has been reprogrammed for Sub-text Radio in Berlin.   

The embodiment of expectation is joined by a neural network and 3 chat-bots on a journey of transformation and song. In a distant parallel desert reality, a fortune teller working in a job centre suffers a moment of clarity. The arrival of a new piece of hardware begins a process of critical consciousness, examining the expectations and design of future job roles.

A production In 3 acts comprising of :

Radio Play - “What Were you expecting” - (an ode of post-work imaginaries) Written the didactic style of past workers-theatre .                                     Featuring the voice of Ruth Urquhart and the Natural Readers ensemble. (14 mins 40 sec)

Musical Interlude : “5 to 9” - Vocaloid song with Neural Network assisted lyrics derived from  job advertisements and proposed network conditions for sustainable lifestyles. Featuring  Gno the wet computer. (5 mins 30 secs)

A Post-Workers Theatre discussion: With Dash Macdonald and special guest David Frayne-  writer,  social researcher and the author of the 2015 Book “The Refusal of Work”  (35 mins 40 secs)