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  • Born 1983; St Albans UK.

    Nicholas Mortimer is interested in how reality, its representation and performance can be designed or deployed. The outcomes of his work consider how to use scenography to interrogate emerging techno-political concerns.

    His practise looks to mechanisms found in narratology to explore themes found within cultural studies of media and technology, historical research and theory in order to explore relations between perceptions of reality, systems of control and the blurred boundaries of fact and fiction. 

    Within this enquiry there is particular interest in how narratives can be formed to highlight the way in which technological advancements, both  past and present have operated as  catalysts of endeavour, expectation and failure. 

    Current work is exploring the extent to which histories of technology can be used to reflect on the outcomes of an expanded computational world. Issues surrounding the notion of work, production, decision and change all combine in a search for new narrative spaces created between data and knowledge, speed and attention, spaces which are home to changing behaviours enabled by technology of all kinds. 


    Since 2018 Nicholas has also made work within the collaborative practice of Post Workers Theatre investigating the future of politically engaged performance, reimagining historic forms of creative resistance for a contemporary context. More information can be found on www.postworkerstheatre.com