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  • Born 1983; St Albans UK.

    Nicholas Mortimer brings together cultural studies of media and technology, historical research and theory to explore relations between perceptions of reality, systems of control, and the blurred boundaries of fact and fiction. Within this enquiry there is particular interest in how narratives can be formed to highlight the way in which technological advancements, both  past and present have operated as  catalysts of endeavour, expectation and failure.

    Current work is exploring the extent to which histories of technology can be used to reflect on the outcomes of an expanded computational world. Issues surrounding the notion of work, production, decision and change combine with an search for new spaces created between data and knowledge, speed and attention, spaces which are home to changing behaviours enabled by technology of all kinds. 

    The outcome of projects combine; Scripted scenarios, audio visual aretfacts, detailed scenography and multilayered narratives -These actions all focus on studies of people and places operating in closed systems, specific industries or modes of production.