Attica 22 b -


Occupying a domestic void, a workshop or retreat is exposed - a secret space housing a private endeavour. Through the evidence of an absent character the film examines a child hood fantasy made real, illustrating astronomical measurement or an environment for fictional celestial navigation.

Models inspired by renaissance scientific speculations* and the pre-telescopic architectural instruments of Sawai Jai Singh** populate an attic space, and describe a personalised universe of home made rules. The fabricated cosmos operates as an unfinished loft conversion, where sci-fi cliches play out with amateur special effects.


* Mysterium Cosmographicum (1596) - a model of Joannes Kepler's aesthetically beautiful but scientifically incorrect theory, an attempt to prove a relationship between the proximity of the 6 known planets and the laws of platonic solid shapes. Kepler considered the theory to unlock a secret of the solar system, during a time of scientific and theological struggle.

The Samrat Yantra (1727 -34) - One of many large scale architectural sundials and astronomical measuring tools - made in India by Sawai Jai Singh - who created a collection of "measuring structures" collectively known as Jantar Mantar. These large scaled instruments still are extremely accurate even though their technology just missed out on, or chose to ignore the emerging technology of the telescope.

Music by Petrels - 'Katharina 22 b' - from the Album 'Mima' 2014

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Production still
production still
Production still