The Cyber-Folk T'werk -

The Cyber-Folk T'werk is a collection of characters derived from research and fictions surrounding past cybernetic proposals and current refelctions of technological and cultural critique.

It is a spreadsheet intended as a designed system of narratives constructed to combine existing characters with a network of starting points. The Cyberfolk T'werk will be used in future productions, texts, research methods and in collaborative outcomes.

Characters included are:

Stafford Beer / Rebeldia / Gno / Rumario / Homo-Gubernator / Wethic / Xpecti / Homeostat / Q-bit / Fuegia Basket / ICO


Below is a set of definitions and instructions.

New work to be added soon.


* The Cyber-Folk T’werk are a collection of characters and allegorical personifications. They derived from a past cybernetic ideology and present day machinic potentials. The T'werk operates as a matrix of traits, designed for numerous encounters with technological relationships.

* The Cyber-Folk T’werk  is an un-reality interface,  used to create combinations and narratives which discuss  tension between new and old attitudes to technology-  its motivations, processes and consequences. These agents aim to develop a panoply of argument or provocations , and operate within their own systems as well as featuring in collaborative works or  co-productions. 

* The Cyber-Folk T’werk are  interested in changing the world by highlighting the current state of our relationships to work and automation, and are guided by an immovable desire to make people more interested in coping with adaptive, surprising relationships with knowledge rather than seeking to maintain the dominant common sense.

* Operate by combining characters with choices and actions in order to construct unique outcomes which can begin to describe a possible reflection of a near-future digitally infused farcical landscape


Full narrative spreadsheet