Celestial Chat Bots............Chat -

Celestial chat bots ....................................chat is a performative conversation between celestial computers situated in between the seas of memory (X) and the dunes of potentiality (Y).

Perfromed as 6 agents within a system of dialogue - 2 computers - 2 controlers and 2 dancers. All agents formed a live dialogue that created a feedback loop of movement, sound and meaning.The conversation activated different aspirations and anxieties surounding past, present and future ideals of sentient or embodied intelligence and considered how new forms and meanings between organic and electronic minds can emerge or be proposed.

Inspired by cybernetics past and present, neural networks, and technologies of self, we embody processes of the machine that resemble consciousness. 6 points of interaction are formed between 2 computers, 2 human controllers and 2 dancers who combine in a decentralised stratergy to find out who or where they are. An X and Y conversation between dust and oceans, lapping on the shores of decision and control of in consistently coagulating Artificial Intelligence. Body is Circuit is a two parts show that re-imagines nervous systems for postbiological landscapes in which they are no longer dependant on anatomical bodies.

Produced in collaboration with Carlos Monleon & Anastasia Vikhornova (who operate with Nicholas Mortimer as C>A>N)

Performed as part of Nervous Systems - at Diaspore London.

Control Centre and computational agents
Choreography agents with Control Centre & computational agents