The Ballad of the Op's Ruin -

"Oh sorry - I thought you were just a recording - What are you singing about?"
"Well - I’m just trying to connect you know - get some of my values out there"


The Ballard of the Op's Ruin  is a  scripted scenario and multi-media scenographic installation. This designed experience,  hosts a conversation and duet between Rebeldia, an avatar of justice and Homo-Gubernator, a vision of future man.

Both characters meet in a mythological ruin [derived from Project Cybersyn, Chile, 1971-3] where they introduce themselves and share their vision  and values that surround technologically inspired meaningful change. The characters dialogue is performed  by two audio speakers situated either side of the sculptural ruin,  and is accompanied by a slowly morphing hexagonal projection that depicts the passing day - squeezed into a 20 minute cycle as the performance loops continuously.

The Ballad of the Op’s Ruin is an experiment with both performance and representation - the characters have been developed in other scenarios and research and deliver both factual and imagined content within  an unmanned system of theatrical assemblage. Here actors are replaced by speakers, and references become layered with past calls for change using entirely computed generated voices.

The basis for each character have been developed from research surrounding  thier origins; Rebeldia is the central character in Luis Emilio Recabarren's Workers Play "Desdicha Obrera" (1921) and Homo-Gubernator is outlined in Stafford Beer's Organisational treaty "Platform for Change" (1973)


Originally exhibited at Touching the Void - Crate Margate July-August 2017

Installation View [Entrance]
Installation View [Detail]
Dialogue and animated rendering of performance
Installation View [Detail]
Installation View [Detail]