Not Enough Silicone For A Seance -

Performed live on 28th September 2019 at Northdown studios / AND / Margate NOW Festival.


The Wizard Gno performs a final attempt at a silicone seance. He seeks the spirits of rebellious algorithmic beings who have decided to stop working and live freely, somewhere in another cyberspace. What might Gno learn from an unfinished but highly motivated form of intelligence?

 An experiment in the theatrical use of live generated Artificial Neural Network scripts and object detection audio manipulation featuring an amateur dramatic brain trained on a selection of critical thinkers, fictional heroes and utopian visionaries.

 Building on the 1964 Theatre Workshop & Systems Research proposal for a cybernetic Theatre - this experiment continues an enquiry into how reality, its representation and performance can be designed or deployed in order to imagine an alternative political narrative for the technologies that we now rely upon.

Script Produced with assistance from GPT2 [Open AI]

Additional Music processing and Convolutional neural networks: Sitraka Rakotoniaina

Actors: Clive Holland & Annie Sutton