The Archive of 'La Libertad y la Máquina' (1977) -


La Libertad y La Maquina was a 'lost' television film produced in 1977. The film never aired, and was a dramatised re-telling of the true Strory of Project Cybersyn - an ultimatelty doomed endeavour to create a distributed network of economic data providing support to Chile on its path to Socialism. The archive is constantly developing with artefacts being restored and documented. New works are then developed in relation to the collection.

The Archive of La Libertad y la Máquina will look at the ways in which speculation and history can combine to reflect on the ideals, and outcomes of an increasingly computational world. By looking back to a historical endeavour, new work and collaborations aim to highlight current issues surrounding the impact of real time, instant data and its effect on social, psychological and political realms. 

Perhaps by looking at and re-interpreting a past technological utopia, it may be possible to illustrate or investigate todays digital dilemmas in an increasingly data driven, efficiency hungry culture at a time when a desire to be continually informed, updated and in control can lead to a disconnect with real life.

 * * *

Projects are slowly being added to the site, for more insight into possible outcomes,  the Proposals page provides a greater understanding of key projects currently being undertaken.